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Your Consultant is  Desiree Collins

My Story

Our Scentsy story begins with our family. My husband and I are high school sweethearts who gave been married for 8 years. We are parents to 3 kids less than 4 years apart (ages 5, 4, and 2) and work alternate shifts with each other to allow both of us to work without needing childcare. Our oldest and youngest children are preemies (29 and 36 weeks respectively) and our middle child suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease (tho you would never know it by looking at him). Even with both of us working full time, we were struggling to make ends meet each month. I knew something had to change but I didn't want to sacrifice time with my growing family. I NEED to see them grow up and I need quality time with them. That is when my high school friend heard our struggles and introduced us to the Scentsy opportunity. We were skeptical about if we could really succeed at it, but decided that the $99 investment was worth the chance.

Fast forward to one year into our business and we have earned the Shooting Star Award, Scentsational Start Level 2, gotten 2 promotions, and have sold 2000 PRV in a single month TWICE! Our team is growing and we have gotten to spend moe quality time with our kids while doing events. What other jobs are out there where that would even be possible?

Our favorite part of this business is that our kids can be a part of it and actually help. Our 3 kids all hand out samples at events and love doing it! Who could possibly turn down a free sample from a 2 year old?! 😉 We do events nearly every weekend in the fall. Prior to Scentsy, we would have attended these events and spent loads of money on the shopping and activities. Now, we get a table at the events and bring the entire family. The kids get to enjoy the festival and we MAKE money while listening to live music and just sharing our love of the product.

Last year, right after joining, we earned level one of the incentive trip which was free registration to the SFR convention in Austin, TX. We have had such amazing results while only devoting a little bit of time each day to sharing our story and love of Scentsy with the world. We have made amazing new friends throughout this journey. It has been such a blessing in our lives and brought us a support system we never even knew we wanted or needed. How will it bless you?